100% Committed to 100% Eco-Friendly Materials At Smiles To Your Door. We deeply care about the environment. This is why we only source 100% Recycled Cardstock and Paper. This ensures that every product is handcrafted with sustainability in mind even down to the packaging and confetti. Our Paper Artisans recycle all our paper and cardstock trimmings after each order to ensure nothing goes to waste.

"Making our planet and our customers smile. One order at a time."

Building a CLEAN future for our kids

At Smiles To Your Door. We believe in doing our part in creating a cleaner and more sustainable future. Every day we try to find innovative ways to add value to the world, while simultaneously making it more sustainable for the next generation. We are following in the footsteps of bigger companies that have a greater impact than we do. That does not mean we are not making a difference. Those bigger companies give us the inspiration to continue the common goal of building a CLEAN future for everyone.

100% Recycled Cardstock using Acid-Free and Chlorine Free Processes
100% Recycled Adhesive Paper
100% Recycled Tissue Paper Confetti
100% Soy Based Ink
100% Remanufactured Ink Cartridges' to reduce plastic waste in landfills