Bringing people together is our specialty, no matter the occasion.

The company started during the peak of the pandemic when the “stay at home” orders were in full effect. The name of the company is straight to the point. Our goal is to bring “Smiles to your door”.

We want our customers to share their experiences with their friends and loved ones to create happy lasting memories. We strive to provide innovative designs and products that can be easily personalized. Our company is family-owned and operated out of San Gabriel, CA.

Our mission holds a unique place in our hearts, as it is powered by individuals like you. Our Ready to gift Photo packages are more than just items - they are a warm embrace when someone needs it the most, a nudge to show someone they are cherished, or an element of surprise to make your personal journey even brighter. Whatever the reason may be, they are a vessel for sharing love, creating joy one smile at a time.

That’s why every single detail counts for us. We ensure every one of our custom products is thoughtfully curated to bring joy and delight, handpicking only the most charming accessories for our add ons. We take pride in wrapping each package with care and filling them with happiness, ready to brighten up someone's day. Our initiatives like partnering with the National Partner Foundation are designed to give back to the environment. We aim to spark joy through our emails and social media posts. When we say we're here to spread love, we truly mean it.

The Best or Nothing

All of the products are custom-made to order by hand. Nothing is pre-made and sitting waiting to be shipped. This ensures we have the best quality control possible on every product. Our team has a rigorous system to make sure orders are fulfilled and shipped on time.

Dottie, The Giraffe

He brings happiness and joy to the team and in turn reflects what we believe in as a company. Dottie, The Giraffe will adorn all our products as a “Symbol of Joy”.