100% Handmade with LOVE

Our In-House Design Team in California aimed to develop a gift that would deliver a HUGE SURPRISE in a small package that can be customized for any occasion. We wanted to pay homage to the greeting card that was invented in 1846. The Photo POP cubes fold flat to keep them in a thin profile. This allows it to fit perfectly inside the envelope while keeping the same design language as a greeting card. Once the person pulls on the tab, The Photo POP cubes pop out and return to their normal shape because of the elastic properties resulting in an unforgettable experience. Our simple 3-Step Process makes it simple to order and takes the guesswork out of buying gifts that don't give the desired experience to that special someone. Our Photo Collage Box has 3 different size layers that open up to resemble a blooming flower. This is possible because our team uses a traditional bone folder to make the creases and fold. This attention to detail makes the folds precise so that when the lid is removed the layers spread out.